As stated on the WSC website

“On 16 June 2010, Wingecarribee Shire Council adopted a new Local Environmental Plan (WLEP 2010). Clause 5.9 of WLEP 2010 replaced Council’s Tree Preservation Order. Clause 5.9 now provides controls for the preservation of trees and other vegetation throughout the whole of the Shire where as the previous Tree Preservation Order only applied to certain zones and vegetation types. This new clause specifically states that a person must not ring bark, cut down, top, lop, remove, injure or wilfully destroy any tree or other vegetation without either a permit granted by Council or a development consent issued by Council.

Members of the public who are considering planting or removing trees or other vegetation are required to obtain consent from Council to ensure that their actions satisfy both parties’ objectives.

Note that no person may plant or remove vegetation in a road reserve without the express approval of Council.

Removal without Council approval can result in legal action being taken.

This can range from a fine through to criminal proceedings and prosecution. Don’t hesitate to contact Council.”

Please note: We may not be able to answer your telephone call immediately (as we may be up a tree!), but please leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as we can.